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Agro-Processing Industry in Jordan

The food developing industry is definitely one of Jordan’s leading foreign trade sectors, developing rapidly considering that the early 2000s. Jordan is certainly well-positioned to serve the needs of both local consumers and marketplaces in the MENA region. The foodstuff processing industry was chosen as an example of an export sector where advanced skills are essential being competitive in the global current market. Moreover, the Jordanian population working abroad is the major source of foreign currency.

The country makes 165 1, 000 tons of fresh new milk yearly, whereas the population eats only 65 liters. Additionally, it imports eight thousand tons of powder snow milk on a yearly basis. Agricultural items produced in Jordan include milk, yogurt, dairy products, and Halloumi type parmesan cheese. Most of the explanation food items produced in Jordan will be exported to nearby countries. Gardening products in Jordan compose about 10% of Jordan’s total exports.

Organizational habits for the agro-processing industry in Test include the requirement of R&D inputs and technical upgrades, the need for professional money and larger margin money with respect to working capital, as well as the need to link the agro-industry to planning. Further research is necessary to determine the barriers and opportunities which can be specific to Jordan’s needs. The federal government is devoted to supporting the agro-processing market in The nike jordan.

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